To Be Continued?

Our fostering journey (or attempt at it) came to an end. Our family dog had a small run in with a child which halted local organizations from licensing our home.

I spent a solid day crying. I was preparing my home to help local children and just like that .. it was all gone.


I’m still hopeful one day I will be able to foster children. ❤️



I am overwhelmed on a daily basis by the love and support we are receiving. I’m coming across people I’ve never met before and they’re handing me bags of things – like this! I went to pick up a free changing table and she had two huge bags of baby clothes. Like who does that? Good people do. That’s who.

I am beyond excited for this process to continue and for us to get placed with our first child.

We are beyond excited. ❤️


There are over 300 children in the foster care system today. Less than half of that amount of families that are able to take them in. Children are being taken away from their homes  on a daily basis for substance abuse, domestic violence and much more.

With that being said … Danielle, Dylan and Emma are trying to become a foster family in St. Lucie County.

I have been felt a nudging in this direction for a long time and have finally decided that the three of us are ready to take this on. I haven’t told many people at this point. We are in the process of going to classes and beginning paperwork. The people that I have talked to have given me very mixed reactions but quite honestly, I am not doing this for you. Or for me. Or for my neighbor across the street. I am doing this because I have felt a calling, I have seen many children positively impacted by fostering (and sometimes later adoption) and I want to make that difference. I want to love on a baby for five minutes out of their lifetime, or five days or five years. I want them to know that for whatever amount of time they are with us that they are valued and they are loved. They are safe.

I am putting 100% of my faith in God. He has brought me to this place and has helped me every inch of the way.
I am trusting that even in the worst of it, I will remain faithful and know that He is challenging me because I am capable and I am strong.

It has already been mentally challenging for me in preparation for this journey. I have never felt more sure about anything in my life though.
I’m asking for anyone reading this that you might say a prayer for us, send us good vibes or just silently wish us well as we enter into the foster world.

I’m hoping that with this blog I can share some of our adventures as an up and coming foster family. Especially a single parent foster home.